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Printed mailing bags are a tamper-proof, robust and water resistant alternative to the paper envelope, and as such, they are now favoured by internet retailers and shipping companies around the world.

Practical and convenient, polythene mailing bags are a quick and easy packaging solution for those who post their products directly to the consumer, and with ongoing technological improvements in the materials used and printing options, they are now stronger and more colourful than ever before.

Until recent years, the only mailing bags available to retailers were plain white flimsy plastic sleeves that did nothing in terms of advertising or promotion, but with today’s fantastic range of Pantone colours, manufacturers are able reproduce business logos, add company details and slogans, and create a range mailing bags as unique as the products you sell.

Pantone offer one of the largest ranges of inks available, and recently updated their collection with 336 exciting new shades to offer a total of 1,677 solid colour choices.  With names such as Artisan’s Gold, Ice Green, Pink Carnation and Crystal Blue, there are colours to complement every brand, and with the option to add up to eight Pantones on your mailing bags, the possibilities for design are endless.

In addition to the solid colour choices, Pantone also offer a broad selection of high-trending hues including metallic’s, neon’s, pastels and process colours, so you can set your creativity free and design a range of printed mailing bags that will get your products and/or services noticed as they transport from one destination to another.

Made from biodegradable Polythene, our mailing bags are available in two different styles, re-sealable or permanent seal.  Bags with a permanent seal prevent tampering, while re-sealable mailing bags are suitable for reuse.

Custom printed mailing bags combine advertising with packaging, so they are a cost-effective solution for those posting their goods by mail or courier, and with 1,677 Pantone colours to choose from, you do not need to compromise on design.

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