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As we step into National Recycle Week (18th – 24th June), 9 out of 10 people admit they would recycle their plastic carrier bags and bottles if it were easier.

Councils, businesses and retailers across the country are taking part in the weeklong event, organised by WRAP under the brand Recycle Now, in an attempt to help people recycle more and waste less, by making it easier for the public to recycle as they go about their daily lives.

Zero Waste Scotland is supporting National Recycle Week by installing “hundreds of new recycling bins” in town centres, bus and train stations, public parks, and popular tourist attraction sites, to provide people with access to recycling bins when they are ‘out and about’. As such, our plastic carrier bags and bottles are more likely to end up at the recycling plant, and not in the landfill.

In Hampshire, residents are encouraged to recycle their unwanted electrical items such as DVD players, mobile phones and hairdryers, and in return, will received entry into a competition where they can win gadgets.

Over the weekend, Rubbish and Recycling Shows will be held across the length of the country, where tips and information leaflets on recycling plastic carrier bags and bottles will be handed out, and you will be able to recycle your plastic bottles at the Olympic Torch Relay Celebration Parties in Manchester and Leeds.

Big name brands such as Coca Cola, IKEA, Britvic and Continuum Recycling (the largest bottle recycling plant in Europe) are showing their support of National Recycle Week 2012 with a variety of different events, and with three days to go, there is still time for you to take part.

WRAP recommend organising a competition, promoting an activity about recycling, running a special promotion on Bags for Life, or offering a one-off incentive to customers who reuse their plastic carrier bags.

The message is clear, if we make recycling easier, the public will do their bit, and together we can reduce the negative impact plastics have on the environment.

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