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In a bid to become ‘greener’ and more environmentally friendly, many retailers switched from plastic carrier bags to paper or cotton carrier bags, believing them to be kinder on the planet, but with new reports indicating that biodegradable plastic bags are actually more eco-friendly than their recyclable counterparts, the popularity of the trusty plastic carrier is rising once again.

Strong, water-resistant and reliable, the patch handle carrier bag has long been a favourite with high-street retailers, and now that biodegradable versions are available, those conscious about the environment can hand them out with confidence.

There are many reasons why we think you should choose printed patch handle carrier bags for your business, but here are our top 10 to help you make a more informed decision:

  1. Patch Handle Carrier Bags print exceptionally well, and therefore provide the perfect platform for advertising your brand.  100% Ink Coverage, Gloss or Matt lacquer and the choice of up to 8 Pantone colours are just some of the print options available, and our new NX plates offer near litho quality.
  2. As patch handle carrier bags have a reinforced handle area, they are much stronger than many of the alternatives, they last longer, and they are therefore more likely to be reused by the consumer.
  3. Patch handle carrier bags are simple yet stylish, and the uncomplicated design allows the printed logo or message to stand out.
  4. Made with biodegradable additives, our patch handle carrier bags degrade under the influence of heat and light when reaching the landfill.
  5. UK produced patch handle carrier bags can be delivered in as little as two weeks.
  6. Patch handle carrier bags are available in a variety of different film colours to complement the most extravagant of colour schemes and designs.
  7. Available in thicknesses of 48 micron and 75 micron, and in over ten different sizes, our patch handle carrier bags are suitable for every type of product/business.
  8. In addition to high-street retail outlets, patch handle carrier bags remain popular with trade show and convention exhibitors, as the design is perfect for brochures and promotional materials.
  9. Printed patch handle carrier bags are ideal for those looking for a modern but cost-effective packaging solution.
  10. The classic design of the patch handle carrier bag means it will never date or go out of fashion.

If you would like any more information about our range of Carrier Bags or want to speak with one of our Sales team please call 01234 675101 or fill in the contact form at the top of this page.