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Since the wonderful invention of the World Wide Web, online shopping has become part of everyday life, and with an estimated seven out of 10 shoppers purchasing at least one item online each year, the demand for lightweight and secure mailing bags is on the increase.

Online retail sales increased by a massive 14% in 2011, with internet shoppers spending more than £50 billion on their groceries, electrical goods, fashion, sportswear, and cosmetics.  A similar increase is predicted for 2012, and if you intend to join the ‘www’ revolution, you are going to need a strong, waterproof and tamper free packaging solution to keep your items in perfect condition from despatch to delivery.

Mailing Bags vs. Envelopes

Replacing the fragile paper envelopes and bulky jiffy bags of the past, polythene mailing bags offer the same protection, but have the added benefits of being stronger, lighter, and water-resistant.  When paper packaging gets wet, the contents are easily damaged, but with plastic mailing bags, you can be confident your goods will arrive in perfect condition.

Printed Mailing Bags = Free Advertising

There is nothing like branding to get your products and services ‘out there’, and printed mailing bags are one of the best ways to package your products and gain free advertising as they transport from one location to another.

Self Seal Mailing Bags – Fast and Secure

Removing the need for tape, glue, or a heat sealing machine, our polythene mailing bags self seal with a secure, tamper proof strip, allowing you to package items in seconds. The seal will remain firmly closed until it reaches its destination, and any signs of tampering will be evident.

Mailing Bags do not add to shipping/postage costs

Unlike padded envelopes, polythene mailing bags are extremely lightweight and do not add to shipping or postage costs.

Wholesale Mailing Bags

Buying your printed mailing bags wholesale is a great way to save time and money, and with your design saved on file, reordering is a quick and easy process.

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