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Cotton carrier bags are growing in popularity as both retailers and consumers look for a suitable alternative to the single use carrier bag.

100% natural, strong, reusable and biodegradable, cotton carrier bags are ideal for grocery shopping, carrying the children’s sportswear, promotions events and exhibitions, and as they have an extended life expectancy, they will promote your brand or message for several months, if not years, to come.

Outside the scope of the recently introduced ‘carrier bag tax’, cotton carrier bags are widely promoted in most UK supermarkets as an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic carrier bags, and as they sell for as little as 10p each, consumers are happy to pay for a ‘bag for life’.

Of course, due to wear and tear, a cotton carrier bag, much like a regular handbag or sports bag, will eventually need to be replaced, but with larger supermarket chains such as Tesco’s offering free replacements and free Club Card points, they certainly seem to be worth the 10p investment.

Printed cotton carrier bags are not only advantageous to the environment and the consumer, but the retail sector can also benefit from using and promoting this type of bag. Showing a commitment to improving the environment, they may encourage ‘green’ shoppers to return to a store, and every time the bag is reused, it highlights your brand or products.

As one would imagine, standard cotton carrier bags are manufactured in a natural beige colour. This background shade works exceptionally well with screen-printing, and helps a colourful logo to stand out. Dyed cotton bags are also available, and remain popular with trade show and convention exhibitors due to the variety of different colours, printing options and sizes available.

Cotton carrier bags may not be officially certified as ‘bags for life’ but when you compare them to the alternatives, they are certainly a step in the right direction!

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