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Inherently more environmentally friendly than traditional high street retailing, online shopping is one of the worlds’ fastest growing trends.

Consumers like the convenience of shopping from the comfort of their own home, and studies by an Edinburgh based University, found that internet shopping and home delivery could generate less CO2 than a typical high street shopping trip when the right packaging is used.

Bulky boxes, bubble wrap, cardboard envelopes and cylinder tubes may all serve a purpose, but can add considerable weight to a package, and are often used excessively to wrap non-fragile items.   Lightweight plastic mailing bags, on the other hand, provide adequate protection, they are waterproof, and those made from biodegradable materials have a lower impact on the environment.

Unlike the frustrating, flimsy mailing bags of the past, today’s high quality polythene mailing bags are stronger, lighter and more environmentally friendly than ever before.  Additives such as Biothene, initiate the degradation process once the mailing bag is exposed to the soil heat and light at the landfill, and depending on the thickness of the bag, it can degrade in as little as 18 months.

In addition to being a lighter, greener packaging solution, plastic mailing bags add virtually no extra weight to the item being shipped, and therefore, keep postage costs to the bare minimum.

If you are one of the many internet retailers trying to reduce packaging waste and cut the costs of shipping, plastic mailing bags may be the perfect answer.  Printable with a variety of colours and designs, and available in different shapes, sizes and thicknesses, our biodegradable mailing bags not only provide a ‘frustration-free’ packaging solution, but they promote your brand as they travel from your depot to their final destination.

Combining an environmentally friendly packaging solution with a free advertising platform, printed mailing bags are a cost-effective, highly practical and allow internet retailers to benefit from cheaper shipping.

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