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If you are an internet retailer, you most probably send out the items you sell in a Polythene mailing bag.

Strong, durable and reliable, modern branded mailing bags have replaced the flimsy paper envelopes and bulky bubble wrap of the past, and now that biodegradable versions are available, they are the ultimate eco-friendly packaging solution.

Suitable for mail, courier and even pigeon delivery, mailing bags are available in a variety of different shapes, sizes and styles, and as they are made from water-resistant polythene, they keep the contents dry and in perfect condition from despatch to delivery.

Often referred to as courier envelopes or postage bags, our printed mailing bags are available in three different thicknesses: 60 micron, 75 micron and 100 micron. 60-micron mailing bags are suitable for most deliveries, such as those that include documents, lightweight items of clothing and brochures, but if you require heavy-duty mailing bags, our 100-micron bags are the ideal solution.  Strong and resistant, they can withhold heavy objects without the risk of stretching or splitting.

As our mailing bags are made of polythene, they print exceptionally well.  It is possible to add your logo, business contact details, and your slogan to surface of the bag, and create a branded packaging solution that advertises your products and services as they are transported from one location to another.

Environmentally friendly packaging is vital in today’s society, and so we add Biothene or other additives to our master batch during production, which helps the Polythene to degrade under the influence of heat and light.

Of course, this reaction does not cause immediate degradation, but once the mailing bags reach the landfill, exposure to UV light and heat from the ground soil begins to accelerate biological degradation, and the Polythene eventually breaks down into a fine powder.

Ordering your biodegradable mailing bags is easy, and they will be delivered to your door in just 4-weeks, so why not speak to the professionals today!

If you would like any more information about our range of Carrier Bags or want to speak with one of our Sales team please call 01234 675101 or fill in the contact form at the top of this page.