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Twisted handle paper carrier bags have the luxurious style of a hand-finished paper bag, but as they are machine made, they come at a lower cost.

Ideal for retailers searching for a practical, cost-effective and recyclable packaging solution, twisted handle paper carrier bags are available in a wide choice of colours, and whether you are looking for a patriotic union jack printed carrier bag, or a more subtle pastel-coloured gift bag, you will find the perfect packaging within this collection.

Manufactured using paper from sustained forests, twisted handle paper carrier bags are compliant with most kerbside collection recycling schemes, and as they are both 100% recyclable and degradable, they appeal to environment-conscious retailers and shoppers looking for a ‘greener’ packaging alternative.

If your packaging budget does not allow for printing, choose a high quality colourful twisted handle paper carrier bag instead.  The quality speaks for itself, and as these paper bags come in a whole spectrum of bright and beautiful colours, it is easy to find something that will complement you business or brand.

If you do have the budget to brand your twisted handle paper carrier bags, the possibilities for design are endless.  The superior flat surface of the bag prints exceptionally well and with a choice of overprinted, machine printed, or high quality litho printed bags, you can create the perfect advertising platform for your brand.

To see just how popular twisted handle paper carrier bags are, head out to your local high street or shopping centre this weekend. From high-end supermarkets and gift shops to huge department stores, retailers of every shape and size favour this convenient, reusable and recyclable bag, and with the festive season just around the corner, the demand has never been higher.

Helping us all to ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’ the Twisted Handle Paper Carrier Bag has it all, so why not choose this perfect packaging solution for your business.

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