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If, after reading all the pros and cons of paper vs. plastic carrier bags, you are still undecided on which type of bags are right for your business, why not go down a completely different route and opt for biodegradable Jute ‘bags for life’ instead.

Jute carrier bags are not only strong, durable and reliable, but they are made of natural materials that will biodegrade when the bag reaches the end of its lifecycle. As a result, our consumers have a reusable bag, our brand remains in circulation for longer, and our planet remains litter free – perfect!

Of course, some environmental groups will insist that Jute carrier bags have a larger carbon footprint than the plastic or paper alternatives, and they are therefore, not as ‘green’ as we might believe, but while scientists and carrier bag manufactures continue to assess and reassess the eco-friendliness of each type of carrier bag – we believe Jute is a good place to start.

Due to the coarse material surface, Jute carrier bags are a little more difficult to print than paper bags, but they can be screen printed with your business logo and contact details, and look just as professional as the alternatives.

Available in a variety of different sizes, and with long, medium or short handles, there are Jute carrier bags to complement every type of retail outlet, be it on the high street, at an exhibition, or on a market, and, as your customers are likely to reuse them over and again, your brand benefits from unlimited exposure.

To reduce costs and speed up delivery, you can opt for a range of pre-printed jute carrier bags with a simple classic design, such as those favoured by leading supermarket brands. Combining the natural colour of the bag with blasts of bold colour, these bags feel good, look great, and appeal to those with the environment in mind.

The paper vs. plastic carrier bag debate is set to continue, so why not take one-step ahead, and go for a range of high quality jute carrier bags – the natural alternative.

If you would like any more information about our range of Carrier Bags or want to speak with one of our Sales team please call 01234 675101 or fill in the contact form at the top of this page.