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Online shopping is one of the world’s fastest growing retail sectors with an estimated seven out of every ten internet users making at least one online purchase per year, but recent studies by International Parcel Company DPD show that exorbitant postage and shipping costs are having a negative impact on the consumers shopping experience.

A staggering 73% of UK consumers said that they failed to complete an online shopping purchase and abandoned their shopping cart at the postage stage due to high delivery charges and restricted delivery options, while a further 37 per cent said they were ‘put off’ by expensive, automatically selected postage prices.

In a highly competitive business world, many retailers simply cannot afford to offer free or discounted shipping, but if the results of this survey are anything to go by, it seems limited and expensive delivery options are costing internet retailers millions of pounds in lost sales, so what is the solution?

Strong, lightweight and cost-effective packaging is a great place to start, and by replacing heavy boxes, bulky bubble wrap, and porous paper envelopes with high quality plastic mailing bags, we can ship our products across the world for less.

Plastic mailing bags are available in a range of different sizes and styles; many come with a tamperproof seal, and with three different thicknesses to choose from (60, 75 and 100 micron) you can choose the smallest/lightest mailing bag for each particular item.

Another benefit of plastic mailing bags is that the surface is printable. Many online retailers choose to brand their bags with their company logo and contact details, which not only installs confidence in the consumer, but also advertises the company’s services and products as the bags are shipped from one location to another.

Mailing bags may not remove the costs of postage and shipping altogether, but if we offer a lighter and more cost effective shipping option; we may just encourage the consumer to complete their online purchase.

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