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In recent years luxury printed carrier bags were only issued by high-end retailers selling high-priced goods.

A sign of wealth and good taste, luxury carrier bags not only add to the overall ‘high’ one experiences when spending their hard-earned cash on an expensive purchase, but they also create brand awareness, making them a win-win packaging solution for retailers.

The high street is finally catching on, and in order to compete with the World Wide Web and internet shopping, well-known retailers across the length and breadth of the country are now replacing the low cost ‘single use’ bags favoured in the 1990s, with luxury printed carrier bags displaying their logos, company details, and services, instead.

From lingerie and cosmetics shops, to sport outlets and confectionery stores, luxury printed carrier bags are almost customary today, and while they may cost slightly more than a regular plastic carrier bag to produce, the value they add to your customers shopping experience is priceless.

Designing your own luxury printed carrier bags has never been easier, and with the variety of different materials, printing options, and finishes available, you can create something that looks impressive and feels superior without overstretching your packaging budget.

Favoured by luxury brands, Litho printed carrier bags are strong, durable, and available with a variety of different handles, such as rope, ribbon, or dye cut. The stylish and modern design can be laminated, embossed, debossed, or foil blocked, to complement your particular style, and whether you prefer bold beautiful colours, or cool classic shades, you can create a collection of luxury printed carrier bags that your clients will enjoy using over and again.

Luxury printed carrier bags are so much more than just a packaging solution, and if you want to get your products and services noticed, they may just help you get your fair share of the spotlight on the high street.

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