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When something luxurious catches the eye, be it a perfectly tailored suit, a diamond watch, or the latest sports car, the first natural reaction is to reach out and touch.

Heightening the senses and encouraging us to part with our hard-earned cash, something that feels as good as it looks not only makes our shopping experience more enjoyable, but it can also put a stop to the dreaded buyer’s remorse that comes with spending more, perhaps, than we should have, proving a little bit of luxury goes a long way.

Leading designers, retailers and exhibitors know that packaging is often as important as the products they sell, and as a result, the demand for textured paper carrier bags has increased significantly in recent years.

Traditional embossing and debossing techniques work exceptionally well on Kraft paper carrier bags, and when combined with the latest printing methods such as Spot UV, Hot Foil, and Gloss or Matt Varnish, the finished bags look quite stunning.

Embossed Paper Carrier Bags

Embossing is a process whereby the paper carrier bag is pressed between a metal plate and counter to create a raised impression.  Adding to the overall tactile quality of the bag, while enhancing its visual appearance, embossing works exceptionally well when combined with foil-blocked lettering and logos, so the possibilities for design are endless.

Debossed Paper Carrier Bags

The complete reverse of embossing, the debossing process creates a depressed impression on the surface of the paper carrier bag.  Popular with modern designers and retailers, debossed bags are stylish, conventional, and have that luxurious finish that consumers crave, so they are a great choice for those looking for the ‘wow’ factor.

Further texture can be added to your paper carrier bags in the form of rope or ribbon handles, and you can add an element of surprise by printing the inside of the bag.

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