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In a bid to overturn the proposed prohibition of plastic carrier bags, set to take effect in Toronto on 1st January 2013, the Canadian Plastics Industry Association and the Ontario Convenience Store Association have come out fighting.

Setting up a website ( filled with interesting facts and figures about plastic carrier bags and the impact they have on the environment, the group is calling on Toronto’s residents to contact their local councillors and oppose the “unnecessary” carrier bag ban that could have negative consequences on the city.

Claiming that over 10,000 jobs and 185 small, family-run companies could be at risk if the carrier bag ban comes into effect, a spokesperson for the Canadian Plastic Industry, Marion Axmith, said, “Councillors know and acknowledge that there are going to be job losses and they just don’t seem to care.”

CEO of the Ontario Convenience Stores Association, Dave Bryans, called the ban “poorly thought-out” and said that the council has neglected its duty to consult with local businesses.

Defending the Council’s decision to introduce a city-wide plastic bag ban, Councillor Gord Perks called the ban a “no-brainer”, and went on to say, “Plastic bags come from a non-renewable resource and they pollute out environment, they wind up either in our landfills, on our streets, or in Lake Ontario.”

The ‘Reverse the Bag Ban’ website indicates that 79% of Ontarians already reuse their plastic carrier bags two or more times before finally using them as a garbage bag, and that 44% of Toronto’s unwanted plastic carrier bags are used to recycle organics.

While the Toronto Council originally voted in favour of the plastic bag ban back in July this year, it could still change its mind when the ban bylaw comes before the council at the end of November, making this the most interesting ‘carrier bag battle’ yet!

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