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We all know we need to do more when it comes to Reusing, Reducing and Recycling, but American pop mogul and the world’s largest multinational beverage corporation Coca-Cola have taken it one step further with the launch of ECKOCYCLE, a brand initiative aimed at educating the population about everyday recycling choices.

Committed to identifying products such as plastic bags, bottles and aluminium cans that can be recycled into the latest fashion gadgets and lifestyle accessories, the EKOCYCLE movement hopes to educate the wider population and empower our purchasing decisions, so that recycling becomes part of everyday life.

Taking recycling awareness to the next level, ECKOCYCLE will identify and highlight sustainably minded products, from everyday pieces to luxury items, and hope that by educating consumers to make better choices, the world will one day become a waste free zone.

Speaking at a private launch event, Black Eyed Peas artist said, “Waste is only waste if we waste it. We need to value the things we consume and become a more sustainable society that is moving towards a world with zero waste.”

The Coca-Cola Company will, over the next five years, make a $1 million financial commitment to the ECKOCYCLE movement, with Vice President and Chief Sustainability officer Bea Perez stating, “It’s the ‘me’ and the ‘we’ coming together. That’s EKOCYCLE.” She went on to say, “Together with, we are developing a brand centred around sustainability and creating a movement to get people engaged to be part of something bigger than just what an individual can do.”

The newest members of the ECKOCYCLE initiative include global brands Levi’s®, MCM, and Beats by Dr. Dre®, and additional collaborations with iconic brands are expected to be announced in 2013.

A global movement to tackle waste – now isn’t that more beneficial than a plastic bag tax?

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