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When it comes to company branding, there is much more to it than simply adding a bright and colourful logo to the surface of your carrier bags – but your packaging is a very good place to start!

Research shows that branding plays a big part in helping consumers decide where they are going to spend their money, and if we can just tap into their subliminal level with a range of aesthetically pleasing printed carrier bags, then we may just be able to keep them shopping at our stores.

Advances in materials and manufacturing technologies means that the printed carrier bags of today are more stylish and durable than ever before, and a well-designed paper carrier bag with an embossed surface, for example, guarantees to stand out in an over-crowded marketplace.

When it comes to choosing and designing your printed carrier bags the possibilities are endless and there is something to suit every budget.  Those looking for a cost effective selection may decide on a range of machine made twisted handle paper bags, while those looking for something more luxurious may opt for hand-finished laminated carrier bags instead.

Whichever type of carrier bags you choose, if you invest in quality printing and a well thought out design, the end result should look as good as the contents inside.

Internet retailers can also benefit from branding their packaging, and by adding your company details and logo to the surface of a high-quality mailing bag, you can gain maximum exposure as the package is transported from one location to another.

As with printed carrier bags, mailing bags come in a variety of different sizes and colours, and by investing in the best you can offer your consumers a little bit of luxury that they will automatically associate it with your brand.

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