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We aim to reassure our customers that you will be unaffected by the charge proposed from October 2015, by giving as much information as possible and updating any changes. Also to enable our customers to better plan their packaging. If you are in Scotland, Wales, N Ireland or Ireland we have separate links at the end; this section will not apply to you.

Salient Points of Proposal for England:

From October 2015; a 5p charge will likely to come into force on single-use plastic bags in England. Crucially for our customers this will not include any bag:

–        in organisations with less than 250 (possibly going up to 500) employees.

–        made from biodegradable plastic bag (same cost and same quality as standard)

–        used for general packaging (sold as sealed item in store, mailing bags, promotional bags)

–        over a 15” (390mm) width and / or 50 micron (200g) thickness (measurement still to be confirmed)

–        made from paper, cotton, jute, woven or non woven bag

The Government will not collect any proceeds. Organisations will be encouraged to donate profits to good causes.

For the latest official Defra update for England visit:

For Wales visit:

For Northern Ireland visit:

For Scotland visit:

For any further help, please contact: Mrs Alex Thomsen on Tel: 01234  244341 or email