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We all know that brown paper carrier bags are reliable, recyclable and available in just about every high street store, but what you might not know is that this shopping staple is hot property in the world of fashion!

Back in September, Jill Sanders, one of Germany’s top designers, made the headlines with her £185 brown paper bag. Made from crafted coated paper, the ‘bag of the season’ sold out in just three weeks, as fashion conscious gentlemen across the world raced to get their hands on the latest recyclable accessory.

While the practical (but rather plain) Jill Sanders brown paper bag is no longer available, it seems the design inspired others to push the boundaries of renewable fashion, with New York-based designer, Aki Goto, unveiling her latest design – the Paper Bag Jacket.

Using a size 8, vintage jacket as a base, Ms Goto applied a selection of discarded paper bags to the surface with a combination of glue and varnish; she then used strips of grey duct tape to add a “finishing touch” to the lapels.

The battered looking one-of-a-kind piece has gone on sale at United Bamboo, and if you want to get your hands on the ‘unisex’ Paper Bag Jacket complete with sawn-off sleeves and peeling seams, it is still available for a mere $480.

Receiving mixed reviews from the world of fashion, the Paper Bag Jacket has been hailed “kooky couture” by some, but will anyone really pay over £300 for a second-hand jacket covered in brown paper carrier bags?

Only time will tell if the jacket sells, but by taking renewable and recyclable fashion to the next level, the brown paper bag and the paper bag jacket just go to show that one can be both environmentally conscious and fashionable – providing you have deep pockets!

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