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If you would like to design your own range of printed carrier bags, but are concerned about compromising on colour and design, you will be pleased to know that Pantone, one of the world largest and most successful providers of professional colour matches, has recently unveiled 336 new colours in its ‘Plus’ series.

Bringing the total of solid colour choices to 1677, the Pantone Plus Series provides designers and carrier bag manufacturers with an accurate way to communicate and control colour throughout the design process, and by using a combination of subtle pastels, deep tones, and vivid brights, it is possible to create a range of carrier bags as unique as the products you sell.

Choosing the base colour of your Printed Carrier Bags

Colour is integral to every project, and if you really want your logo to stand out against the surface of your carrier bag, choosing the right base colour is vital. The 336 new colours available in the Pantone Plus Series are available in coated or uncoated formats, and as they are formulated using ink-film thicknesses, our printers can reproduce the exact colours outlined in your specification.

 Adding new dimensions to your Carrier Bags with the use of Neon’s, Pastels and Metallic’s

In addition to the new colour palate, Pantone offer a superb selection of hot neon’s, sweet pastel’s and dazzling coloured metallic’s that will add new dimensions to the surface of your carrier bags.  Combine these colours with a modern finish such as embossing /debossing or hot foil, and your bags will certainly have the ‘wow factor’.

Printed Carrier Bag Trends

Bright and colourful printed carrier bags remain popular with high street retailers, but the newly released range of high-trending naturals in the Pantone Plus series, indicates that designers are moving towards neutral shades.  If you want to be right on trend, we would have to suggest the Pantone 2012 colour of the year – 17-1463 Tangerine Tango.

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