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Canadians voice their opinions, as they become the latest ‘victims’ of the plastic carrier bag ban.

In a bid to overturn the five-cent fee imposed on plastic carrier bags in Toronto, Canada, the city council went one-step further, and decided to impose a complete ban on the use of plastic bags by 1st January 2013.

The move, called the “dumbest thing council has done” by Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, will make Toronto the first major city in Canada to opt for an outright ban, following in the footsteps of neighbouring US states of San Francisco and Seattle.

While Mr Ford initiated the vote, he claims he was “only seeking to overturn an existing five cent levy” that has been imposed on plastic bags for some time, and that the ban, passed 24-20 by the city council, was a complete surprise.

The carrier bag ban will see the current five-cent levy end on 1st July 2012, giving retailers a six-month window in which to give out all their remaining plastic bags before the citywide ban comes into place in the new year.

Canada is just one of many countries joining the global move to reduce the impact of plastic waste on the environment, and a recent public opinion poll held by Angus Reid shows that more than half (59%) of the 1,019 Canadian citizens questioned, agreed with a total plastic carrier bag ban.

The four provinces of Atlantic Canada gave the highest level of support for the ban, where 63% favoured the concept, but only 54% of Ontario residents said they believed the plastic bag ban to be a good idea.

Will Canada join Italy, Rwanda and Bangladesh with a total plastic bag ban?

While we wait for the majors and councils to decide the fate of the trusty carrier bag, drop us a line and let us know your views on the subject.

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